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  • Associated Press misrepresents Akron police chief, claiming he blames concealed carry laws for officer's death
    by Chad D. Baus

    Northeast Ohio media are reporting that 32 year-old off-duty police officer Justin Winebrenner was shot and killed while trying to diffuse an unruly customer at a bar early Sunday, November 16, and the Associated Press appears to be hoping that they can convince readers that concealed carry laws are to blame.

    According to WJW (Fox Cleveland), authorities arrested Kenan Ivery, 35, in the shooting — a man with a long criminal history that includes drug dealing and, the chief said, two charges of having a weapon under a disability (meaning possessing a weapon when he was not legally allowed to do so).

    The news station notes that, more than a year ago, Akron Police Chief Jim Nice had called for changes to the state’s laws for punishing felons who illegally possess guns.

    “It makes me so mad, I can’t see straight,” Nice said during in an interview in February of 2013.

    ...At Sunday’s news conference, the chief said felons who are picked up for illegally carrying a gun do not go to jail in Summit County.

    “It is not considered a violent crime,” he said.

    Last year, the I-Team reported that statistics show 57 percent of violent crimes in Ohio are committed by one percent of criminals.

    Nice wants a law similar to the federal “felon in possession” law, which has strict penalties for illegally carrying a firearm.

    “In the federal system, people are doing seven years for ‘felon in possession’, and in the state system, seven hours,” he said.

    A similar bill has been proposed in the State Legislature, but it has not passed.

    Nice said if we can’t keep the small number of people who commit most of the violent crimes off the street, “we will never be safe.”

    Clearly, Chief Nice is concerned with getting violent felons with guns off the streets - just as law-abiding citizens and concealed handgun license-holders are. But to hear the Associated Press tell it, Chief Nice is worried about licensees:

    The police chief expressed disappointment with the state's conceal carry laws.

    "The typical person in Summit County that is arrested for an illegal firearm does not do a day in jail," he said. "And I've been mad about this. I've spoken about this. I've irritated the judges about this. It's not just a judge's fault. It's a legislator's fault in Ohio. It's not considered a violent crime in the state of Ohio."

    No, Associated Press, the police chief was not expressing "disappointment with the state's conceal carry laws." In fact, in November 2013 Chief Nice made headlines for pointing out that focusing on gun ownership will never curb gun violence, in an interview with Cleveland's fox affiliate, WJW:

    Simply put, Akron Police Chief Jim Nice believes almost every proposal to curb gun violence that he has heard won't work.


    Because Chief Nice, who used to head undercover operations for the FBI, says the proposals don’t address the main problems that lead to gun deaths.

    "It makes me so mad I can't see straight," Chief Nice tells the I-Team.

    In the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in Connecticut where 20 children and six adults were killed, many proposals focused on banning assault weapons and increasing security at schools.

    The article quotes Chief Nice as saying he doesn't doesn't think they will help much to curb crime in his city, since most people aren't shot in schools and most people aren't shot with expensive assault rifles.

    The legislative focus, Chief Nice believes, should not be on gun ownership, but rather on illegal gun possession and use.

    Also in late 2013, Nice was quoted by AkronNewsNow.com as saying that background checks won't work to stop criminals, and "gun buybacks are a farce."

    And yet, to hear the Associated Press tell it, Chief Nice thinks the state's conceal carry laws are the problem.

    No, Chief Nice believes as we do, that violent criminals are the problem. And he wants just what we do - to get them off the streets.

    Last year, Attorney General Mike DeWine proposed the Violent Career Criminal Act, which would change current gun specification sentencing laws and increase some penalties for offenders with two or more violent felony convictions.

    The Violent Career Criminal Act calls for a mandatory 11-year prison sentence for those convicted of illegally possessing a gun, if they have previously been convicted of two or more violent felonies. Today, a felon convicted of illegally possessing a firearm faces only one to five years imprisonment.

    The act would also double gun specification penalties if the offender has previously been convicted of a crime involving a firearm. Current gun specification sentences range from one to seven years in prison, depending on the underlying gun crime.

    But the anti-crime bill, like so many pro-gun bills, hasn't seen action in the Ohio Senate, and will die on December 31, 2014 if not acted upon.

    If you want to see the General Assembly act to rid the streets of the most violent among us, as well as to improve gun rights in ways that are already enjoyed by the majority of other states, call your Representative and Senator NOW and tell them you expect this legislation to move in Ohio BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR. They asked for your vote on Tuesday, November 4. Tell them we want their votes too.

    Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary, BFA PAC Vice Chairman, and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. He is the editor of BuckeyeFirearms.org, which received the Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2013 Supporting Member Award for Best Website.

  • Senators hear from opponents in latest round of hearings on pro-gun rights bills
    by Jim Irvine

    The Senate Civil Justice committee met on Wednesday, November 19 to consider multiple firearms-related bills.

    HB 234 (Allow Noise Suppressors While Hunting) drew opposition testimony from Katriel Israel (written only). Ms. Israel asserted that suppressors are only for police and military, cause an increase risk of accidental shootings, and put hunters at risk. She offered no studies or even anecdotal evidence to back up her claims, which are contrary to common beliefs of informed shooters and sportsmen and women.

    There were no other witnesses testifying for or against HB 234.

    SB 338 (Concealed Carry Reform) had three witnesses.

    Judging by her testimony, Ms. Israel does not like this bill any better than HB 234. She asserts that it endangers our society by reducing training. She also claimed that, "Anyone who does not live in our state should not receive the privileges that our citizens enjoy." One wonders how she feels about drivers from with Pennsylvania or other out of state vehicles driving on our highways, visiting our parks or other places of interest throughout the Buckeye State.

    Gary Witt, testifying for Ohioans for Concealed Carry, submitted written testimony to accompany the oral testimony he delivered the prior week.

    Tom Calladine testified as interested party for the Western Reserve Fish & Game Association. His testimony focused on opposition to the proposed change in minimum required training necessary to obtain a concealed handgun license. He asserted that instructors are unable to adequately determine how many hours training would be required to make people of various abilities competent and safe to carry a firearms, and that we are better off if government bureaucrats establish those minimums.

    Senator Joe Uecker (R-14) asked Mr. Calladine if he and other instructors he works with currently do more than is mandated by state law. Mr. Calladine answered that he did. Senator Uecker asked if there are some people who do not need even four hours because of their level of training and experience. Mr. Calladine again agreed that such people exist. Senator Uecker thanked him for putting in the extra time and effort to ensure his students are safe, and noted that the legislature entrusted firearms instructors to do exactly that. Senator Uecker explained that his bill would only change the minimum training requirements for persons, but that instructors would still be free to require additional training when they deem it necessary, as many do now.

    Buckeye Firearms Association agrees with Senator Uecker that the determination that a student possesses the knowledge, skills, and mindset to properly and safely carry a firearm is more important than any specific time requirement. In over 10 years of concealed carry in Ohio, less than one half of one percent of all CHL's have been revoked for any reason (including revocations when a license-holder passes way or moves out of state) - an indication that most instructors are doing an excellent job.

    Carrying a firearm to protect your life is a serious decision. We highly encourage people to take continued training after obtaining their CHL. There are many excellent trainers in Ohio and beyond. Training can be a fun family event, and good training increases the likelihood of winning a deadly encounter.

    Though HB 234 was marked for possible amendments and votes, no action was taken on this or any other bills.

    In Guns & Ammo's ranking of "Best States for Concealed Carry," Ohio ranks 41st, and falls far behind all of its border states. Michigan, which passed concealed carry one year before Ohio, ranks 31st. West Virgina ranks 32nd, Pennsylvania is 15th, Indiana comes in 14th and Kentucky is ranked 11th.

    Buckeye Firearms Association continues to work with bill sponsors, Chairman Coley and other elected officials on multiple firearms-related bills. We have identified multiple deficiencies in Ohio law and offered common sense solutions that will respect individual freedoms and improve public safety. We call on Senators to move important legislation before the conclusion of this session.

    If legislators do not act, the many pro-gun bills that are pending will die at the end of December.

    If you want to see the General Assembly act to improve gun rights in ways that are already enjoyed by the majority of other states, call your Representative and Senator NOW and tell them you expect pro-gun legislation to move in Ohio BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR. They asked for your vote on Election Day. Tell them we want their votes too.

    Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Association Chairman, BFA PAC Chairman and recipient of the NRA-ILA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award" and the CCRKBA's 2012 "Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award."

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  • Ohio's Youth Deer-Gun Season is Nov. 22-23

    COLUMBUS, OH - Ohio’s 12th annual youth white-tailed deer hunting season gives young hunters the opportunity to pursue the state’s most popular big-game animal on Nov. 22-23, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

    The youth deer-gun season is open to hunters with a valid youth hunting license and a deer permit. Youth hunters must be 17-years-old or younger at the time they purchase their youth hunting license.

    Deer can be hunted with a shotgun using slugs, a muzzleloader .38 caliber or larger, a handgun .357 caliber or larger, specific straight-walled cartridge rifles and bows during these two days. Go to www.wildohio.gov for a complete list of legal straight-walled cartridge rifles.

    All participants must wear hunter orange, possess a valid Ohio youth hunting license as well as a deer permit, and they must be accompanied in the field by a non-hunting adult. One adult may accompany no more than two youth hunters. Deer can be hunted from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset for all seasons. Youth hunters checked 6,645 deer during the 2013 season.

    Youth hunters can commemorate their achievement with a First Harvest certificate, available at www.wildohio.gov. Parents can upload a photo and type in the hunter’s information to personalize the certificate. Hunters can also share photos by clicking on the Photo Gallery tab online.

    Deer bag limits are determined by county. The statewide bag limit is nine deer, but a hunter cannot exceed a county bag limit. Hunters may harvest only one buck in Ohio, regardless of method of take or location.

    Antlerless permit use was changed for the deer hunting seasons, and these permits are no longer valid in some counties (see attached bag limit map). Antlerless permits are valid in the remaining counties until Nov. 30, the Sunday before the deer-gun season. Only one antlerless permit may be used per county, regardless of the bag limit.

    Hunters are required to make their own game tag to attach to a deer. Game tags can be made of any material (cardboard, plastic, paper, etc.) as long as it contains the hunter’s name, date, time and county of the kill. Go to the Deer Hunting Resources page at www.wildohio.gov for more information about the game check process.

    All other regularly scheduled hunting seasons will continue during the two-day youth deer season. All hunters (except waterfowl hunters) are required to wear hunter orange during this time. More information can be found in the 2014-2015 Ohio Hunting and Trapping Regulations and at www.wildohio.gov.

    ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR website at www.ohiodnr.gov.

  • Classic Country Outdoors Host Calvin Pyle presented with Honorary Lifetime BFA membership
    by Larry S. Moore

    As previously reported, Classic Country Outdoors host Calvin Pyle has announced his plan to hang up his headphones and retire as the voice of the outdoorsman. He has been the voice of the sportsman in southwest Ohio for two decades. Pyle's unique call-in program welcomed callers with comments and questions in an hour of live broadcasting each weekend. In addition to broadcasting Pyle often spoke at outdoor shows, held fishing seminars and hosted trips to many fishing hotspots and is perhaps best known for his fishing expertise. He is a former Ohio Huskie Muskie Club Mr. Muskie Man of the Year in a tribute not only for his love of muskie fishing but his conservation efforts to the Ohio Muskie program. He is a tireless promoter of getting outdoors and enjoying all the great natural resources Ohio has to offer.

    Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) leaders were Pyle's special guests for his last concealed carry show on Nov 16, 2014. (Editor's note: Pyle's last on air show will be Nov 23, 2014). While the show did cover some current legislation and self-defense issues, it wasn't long before the BFA leaders simply hijacked his show to thank Pyle for his years of support. He was honored by Buckeye Firearms Association for his support of the Second Amendment issues in Ohio. Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA) leader and NRA Board of Directors member Linda Walker presented an Honorary Lifetime Buckeye Firearms Association membership to Pyle. Sean Maloney, BFA leader and gun rights attorney, presented a plaque from BFA honoring his service. I had the pleasure to present a proclamation from the Ohio House of Representatives sponsored by Rep. Bob Hackett, whose district includes Xenia where the radio broadcast center is located, and Rep. Cliff Rosenberger, who is Pyle's State Representative in Clinton County.

    Additionally, Division of Wildlife District 5 Manager Todd Haines stopped to give his thanks to Pyle. Haines commented, "When you look at the changes with social media and different venues for communications, there are still staunch supporters who love radio. It is hard to replace someone with the knowledge and experience he has. The ability to pick up the phone and call the show is unique. It is tough and an interactive audience. It's a nice way to get immediate response to the public and get their questions answered. We can hope that someone steps in to continue the effort. There are lots of sportsmen and gun owners in southwestern Ohio who listen to radio."

    Pyle summed up his career saying, "I feel good but it is time to go. I've met a lot of good people here at the station. When I started I really didn't know radio. I decided to stay around long enough to learn country music and radio. I've guess it's taken me twenty-years to do that. I really like this station. It is an amazing place with a great following. When I started the radio situation, I thought I would do some topics on hunting and fishing. I knew I wouldn't get into politics. Over the twenty-years I've learned that hunting and fishing is not a problem. The politics is the problem. It seems like that is getting worse with people attacking what we love. My fishing trip is going down to only one trip per year but I plan to make that last all summer!"

    Pyle is to be congratulated on his broadcasting career, many accomplishments and the friends he has made throughout the years. The airways will never be the same without the voice of Calvin Pyle welcoming the sportsmen and women of southwest Ohio every Sunday at noon. He has left a large legacy that will be missed.

    Pyle's Classic Country Outdoors airs one final time on Sunday at noon on WBZI AM 1500; WKFI AM 1090; WEDI AM1130; WBZI FM 100.3. It also is streaming live on the web at http://www.myclassiccountry.com/.  Phone numbers to the station are (937) 374-3636 or 1-888-740-9444 and selection extension 4 for the studio.

    Outdoor writer and hunter education instructor Larry S. Moore is a long-time volunteer leader for Buckeye Firearms Foundation and winner of the 2005 USSA Patriot Award, the 2007 League of Ohio Sportsmen/Ohio Wildlife Federation Hunter Educator of the Year and the 2010 National Wild Turkey Federation/ Women in the Outdoors Hunter Education Instructor of the Year.

  • Op-Ed: Bar the Bar Association
    by Chuck Michel

    No man’s liberty is safe when activist lawyers plot ways to implement their personal agendas.

    The American Bar Association (ABA) is the country-wide professional membership association for my fellow lawyers (of which I am not a member). The ABA claims that it is in the business of “defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession.” Sadly, like many organizations that lose track of their original purpose or use semantics to disguise it, the ABA has turned advocacy for the legal profession sideways, into ideological activism on a host of issues. Today the ABA mostly pushes the (Democrat) statist party line.

    Case in point, promoting gun control as a way to “defend liberty.”

    American Bar Association meeting on gun controlYes, you read that right. Earlier this year the ABA held its annual meeting. Before a small audience, ABA’s current and temporary President took the opportunity to tout work performed by the ABA’s Standing Committee on Gun Violence. Seems all but one member of the “Gun Violence” standing committee is a paid gun-control advocate. Why should ABA members stand for any standing committee composed of paid activist lawyers, especially on the topic of gun control? And what does this have to do with advocating for the legal profession?

    During the committee’s pitch (to a nearly empty room) the ABA’s gun violence committee members told some real whoppers. They recited by rote the talking points of gun control groups, and were aided by liberal constitutional academics. What they said is worth considering, because their assembled sound bites, positioning statements, and other canned talking points tell us where some of the legal battles over gun rights will be fought in the future.

    Click here to read the entire op-ed at CalGunlaws.com.

  • BFA endorsees to pack House & Senate majority leadership for 131st General Assembly
    by Chad D. Baus

    by Chad D. Baus

    Buckeye Firearms Association endorsees have been elected by House & Senate Republicans to a majority of leadership positions in their respective chambers for the 131st General Assembly, which convenes in January.

    The incoming House Republican Caucus elected BFA "A"-rated Rep. Cliff Rosenberger to serve as speaker of the House for the 131st General Assembly.

    The other members of next year's House Republican leadership team are:

    • "A"-rated Rep. Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania), who maintains her current position as majority leader.
    • "A+"-rated Rep. Jim Buchy (R-Greenville), who will be the assistant majority floor leader.
    • "A+"-rated Rep. Mike Dovilla (R-Berea), who becomes the majority whip.
    • "A"-rated Rep. Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville), who will be the assistant majority whip.

    Meanwhile, Senate Republicans reelected their leaders to their same posts under "A"-rated Senanet President Keith Faber (R-Celina).

    The Senate Republican Majority also retained:

    • "A"-rated Sen. Chris Widener (R-Springfield) as president pro tem
    • "A"-rated Sen. Tom Patton (R-Strongsville) as majority floor leader
    • "A"-rated Sen. Larry Obhof (R-Medina) as majority whip.

    Gun owners are encouraged to contact these Senators and Representatives, congratulate them on their appointments, and express your hope that pro-gun legislation will take center stage in the 131st General Assembly.

    In Guns & Ammo's ranking of "Best States for Concealed Carry," Ohio ranks 41st, and falls far behind all of its border states. Michigan, which passed concealed carry one year before Ohio, ranks 31st. West Virgina ranks 32nd, Pennsylvania is 15th, Indiana comes in 14th and Kentucky is ranked 11th.

    If they have any hope of bringing the Buckeye State into the 21st century when it comes to gun rights, Ohio's pro-gun rights legislators have their work cut out for them. Despite having a Republican-dominated General Assembly, no pro-gun legislation has been sent to the governor's desk since December 2012. While the Ohio House passed House Bill 203, an important concealed carry reform bill last year, the Ohio Senate has failed to act.

    If legislators do not act, HB 203 and many other pro-gun bills that are pending will die at the end of December, and will need to be re-introduced in the next session.

    If you want to see the General Assembly act to improve gun rights in ways that are already enjoyed by the majority of other states, call your Representative and Senator NOW and tell them you expect pro-gun legislation to move in Ohio BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR. They asked for your vote on Tuesday, November 4. Tell them we want their votes too.

    Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary, BFA PAC Vice Chairman, and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. He is the editor of BuckeyeFirearms.org, which received the Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2013 Supporting Member Award for Best Website.

  • Buckeye Bash 2015 - Discount Earlybird Tickets Now on Sale

    The Buckeye Bash is coming back to the Villa Milano Banquet & Conference Center in Columbus, Ohio on February 21, 2015.

    We're now selling tickets at a discount "earlybird" price of just $45. (Prices go up on December 15.)

    As always, you will enjoy a great meal, hear a short speaking program, and spend the evening bidding on guns, gear, and a wide assortment of merchandise, including artwork, collectibles, knives, jewelry and more in our live and silent auctions!

    We'll introduce a few new games and have even more raffles, so there will be more chances to win than ever before!

    Plus we're bringing back our TONS O' GUNS game. We'll have dozens of guns on display which you can win for as little as $20. Winners get to choose any gun they want, including pistols, revolvers, rifles, and shotguns.

    Click here to register or to find out more.

    Don't put this off. Ticket prices go up next month! Get your tickets now and lock in your savings.

    Click here for tickets.

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