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  • The importance of the woman vote
    by Karen Butler

    Enough is Enough. I have a feeling that the terrorists are not surprised by our elected leaders' responses to the terrorist attack on American citizens in Orlando, Florida in the early morning hours of June 12th, 2016 - but we should be. We should be outraged and appalled by their inability to speak out against the inhumane, inconceivable murders of Americans, and we should take action.

    There used to be a day when horrific actions against U.S. citizens brought Americans together, our leaders comforted us and we took decisive action. After the attacks on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt swiftly went to Congress, to bring people together with his speech, "A date which will live in Infamy." President Ronald Reagan, after the attack on our Marines in Beirut and events in Grenada, said, "In this city (the Nation's Capital), where political strife is so much a part of our lives, I've seen Democratic leaders in the Congress join their Republican colleagues, send a message to the world that we're all Americans before we're anything else, and when our country is threatened, we stand shoulder to shoulder in support of our men and women in the Armed Forces." President Bill (not Hillary) Clinton said this in response to the Oklahoma City bombing, "To all my fellow Americans beyond this hall, I say, one thing we owe those who have sacrificed is the duty to purge ourselves of the dark forces which gave rise to this evil. They are forces that threaten our common peace, our freedom, our way of life."

    You see, even if we disagree on principals, core values or political affiliation, we, Americans, have always come together to love, nurture and protect one another and the innocent from evil. I can't fathom the rationale in our elected officials not leading our great Nation to swift and decisive action against the people who have sworn to give their lives to see us destroyed; and for our leaders to help us grieve and mourn, and most importantly help the families and loved ones of those who perished. Instead of our elected officials leading us to victory, we are again being treated like a bean in a shell game, where we are being swindled of our freedoms. Our eye should be on the real problems of the day, and not deflected to conversations about restricting people's 2nd Amendment Rights, please don't be fooled. The recent attacks against Americans actually demand that we be able to defend ourselves against those who try to kill us, our families and our fellow Americans. I quite frankly don't want to live in a country where the best defense we have would be to throw rocks.

    I know the 2nd Amendment is a passionate issue on both sides, and my sympathy goes out to those who have lost friends and loved ones to evil through terrorism and crimes. I'm certain we want the same thing - justice and solutions, and to live peacefully in our own pursuits of happiness. Our United States has a serious problem, and it is with terrorists and criminals. We must demand that our leaders apply real resources to cripple terrorist states and prosecute and punish criminals. I think I represent many Americans who are fed up with the political minutia that prevents our Nation's problems from even being addressed, let alone being solved. This opinion isn't meant to lecture or self-pontificate, it is meant as a call to action - we must vote in this election and we must bring America together. May God bless our Country; the men and women who serve and/or have served in our military and their families, who gifted us these freedoms; and the first responders who protect and serve.

    Butler is President and Founder of SLG2, Inc DBA: Shoot Like A Girl

    Republished from The Outdoor Wire.

  • Lavish Gun Control Contributions Further Undermine Anti-gun Narrative

    A key fiction that gun control supporters have been perpetuating for nearly a half-century gets more indefensible by the day. Whether it’s the latest political cartoon depicting NRA buying-off congress, or an alternate Hillary Clinton Delegate at the Democratic National Convention contending that “all of the money, the big money is with the NRA,” gun control advocates continue to claim that the gun rights groups, armed with supposed limitless wealth, are preventing the gun control agenda from moving forward. In truth, as revealed by the lavish contributions given to gun control advocates in several state initiatives, the gun rights movement remains a grassroots effort to preserve the constitutional rights of all Americans, while the gun control movement is increasingly the tool of a handful of wealthy elites.

    [Recently], the Los Angeles Times highlighted this discrepancy as it pertains to California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Safety for All Committee, which is advocating for the anti-gun Proposition 63. The item notes, “Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Safety for All Committee reported it has raised $3.8 million so far, compared with $467,000 raised by two committees opposing Proposition 63.”

    Why the discrepancy? The piece explains, “Newsom’s campaign committee has received $1.1 million from the California Democratic Party, $732,000 from Newsom’s lieutenant governor campaign committee, and $400,000 from former Facebook President Sean Parker.”

    Delving further, in addition to the generous contribution from Parker, the campaign received a $100,000 contribution from billionaire widow Dagmar Dolby of Dolby Laboratories wealth. Another $100,000 contribution was given by San Francisco socialite, Wilsey Properties CEO and Vice Chairwoman of the San Francisco Ballet Association Diane Wilsey. Susie Tompkins Buell of Esprit Clothing gave one $200,000 contribution and billionaire George M. Marcus of Marcus & Millichap gave $250,000. Hyatt CEO Nicholas J. Pritzker gave $150,000 in January and another $100,000 in March. Noted Silicon Valley investor and “smart gun” advocate Ronald C. Conway gave $50,000, while billionaire Salesforce.com founder and CEO Marc Benioff contributed $50,000.

    A similar scenario played out during the campaign for Washington Initiative 594, which criminalized the private transfer of firearms. Billionaires Paul Allen, Bill and Melinda Gates, Michael Bloomberg, and Steve and Connie Ballmer all gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the new restrictions. In a single contribution, billionaire Nick Hanauer gave a whopping $1 million towards the effort.

    This November, Nevadans will also face a gun control initiative on the ballot in Question 1, which, like Washington, would criminalize the private transfer of firearms. The initiative is backed by a group calledNevadans for Background Checks. In 2014, Bloomberg front group Everytown for Gun Safety gave Nevadans for Background Checks $1.9 million. That same year, Parker gave the group $250,000, and Hanauer gave $150,000. Since its initial contributions, the Bloomberg front group has continued to pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Nevada campaign. In May, Conway gave $75,000 to the effort, and in June, Hanauer contributed another $125,000.

    Similarly, Question 3 on the Maine ballot will also ask voters to criminalize the private transfer of firearms. This initiative is backed by the misleadingly named group Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership. In May, Bloomberg’s Everytown funded the group to the tune of $1.7 million. In June, Hanauer gave the group $125,000.

    Some of the less dishonest corners of the gun control movement have admitted that the big money gun lobby narrative is false. Recently, Global Strategy Group President Jefrey Pollack, whom anti-gun group Americans for Responsible Solutions hired to conduct messaging research, said of NRA to Politico, “Their money isn’t that big… It’s not what they do. Their power rests in their stupid postcards and their ability to terrorize members on the Hill and have them panicked about their rating.”

    Pollack is right. As a leading grassroots political organization, NRA’s power lies in our ability to communicate with, organize, and motivate our members through a variety of avenues, all in defense of the Second Amendment. Conversely, having little grassroots support, our opponents rely on big money donors in an attempt to command the public through the brute force of their nearly unlimited wealth.

    So the next time you’re confronted by someone who’s fallen hook, line, and sinker for the tired gun control narrative about the wealthy gun lobby, let them know about the gun control movement’s billionaire benefactors, and about our “stupid postcards.”

    © 2016 National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action. This may be reproduced. This may not be reproduced for commercial purposes. 

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  • Report: Women with concealed handgun licenses on rise in Ohio
    by Chad D. Baus

    Toledo Blade reporter Elena Saavedra Buckley recently visited a monthly meeting of the Maumee chapter of the Armed Ladies shooting club. The club meets monthly at the Henry County Sportsman Club, a shooting range near Liberty Center, Ohio.

    Much of the article centers around Tammi Erdman, an NRA-certified instructor who leads the group.

    From the article:

    Tammi Erdman was raised believing no one should go into the southwest Florida Everglades without a firearm.

    At her father’s house where she grew up, the nearest neighbor, who was once robbed and shot in his home, lived 15 miles away. Her mother cautioned her with stories of corpses being used to smuggle cocaine. As Ms. Erdman tells it, there’s nowhere to go in a bad situation, and, if you do get somewhere, nobody to help. She said the area is “the perfect place to get robbed.”

    As an adult, Ms. Erdman is a firearms expert. She’s been an NRA instructor in Holland for three years, and she’s the Maumee chapter leader of the national Armed Lady shooting club. In the Everglades, Ms. Erdman would say it’s one’s responsibility to be “Armed. Confident. Prepared.” — which is the motto of the Armed Ladies. Now, she teaches people how.


    “What I say goes,” she says about the range. “If you’re acting like a fool, I will kick you off of it.” Her belt holds a handgun, two spare magazines, multiple knives, and a pair of camo cargo pants. Her shirt, which she says she would never wear in public, reads “Girls With Guns” in rhinestones. (But it’s blue, not pink — she hates pink.)

    Most importantly, the other women — seven at a recent session — trust Ms. Erdman. They stand in a circle around her as she explains the drill they’ll start out with: It’s called the 5x5, and it has them shooting five rounds at five-inch-diameter circles, all within five seconds.

    While women represent the fastest growing segment in the shooting sports, the article notes that Erdman is in a certain minority.

    Out of the 6,304 NRA instructors in Ohio, only 8.6 percent are female, according to the group’s Institute for Legislative Action. The image of NRA members evoked during gun-legislation arguments is often rural, white, and male.

    But that idea is changing. The gun industry and the NRA want women like Ms. Erdman — women who not only buy guns and attempt to master them, but women who believe it is necessary for their protection in America. To Ms. Erdman and those who agree with her, their neighborhoods are filled with unstoppable threats: mass shootings, terrorism, abductors, among others.

    As a woman, she believes she is especially at risk, and the only way to stop these forces is by arming herself.

    “It’s not just about how to shoot a firearm — it’s about how to keep yourself safe,” Ms. Erdman says. “Every part of town is a bad part of town these days.”

    Ms. Erdman told the Blade she loves shooting guns, but she says her main objective, as an instructor, as a mother of two, and as a recent grandmother, is to educate. She rarely talks about her connection to firearms without mentioning the hours she’s put into different kinds of training.

    Ms. Erdman uses the phrase “situational awareness” a lot. It’s the act of paying attention to one’s surroundings, and she says it’s just as important in protecting oneself as carrying a gun. The technique, she says, should include watching out for strangers with shifty eyes, not looking at her phone when walking alone, and avoiding parking next to minivans to avoid being kidnapped. 

    According to Crime Prevention Research Center statistics cited by the Blade, female concealed carry permits have increased by 270 percent nationally, likely because of mindsets like Ms. Erdman’s: The Pew Research Center reported hunting as the number one reason gun owners reported arming themselves in 1999, but self-protection was the top answer in 2013.

    “Every single one of us who carry a gun every day has pictured it,” Ms. Erdman later says. “We’ve made peace with whether or not we could pull the trigger and live with the consequences. And I’ve often said, protection of just myself? I don’t know. In protection of my kids and grandkids? In a heartbeat.”

    Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary, BFA PAC Vice Chairman, and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. He is the editor of BuckeyeFirearms.org, which received the Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2013 Supporting Member Award for Best Website.




  • When Your Outfit is the Issue: How to Carry Concealed with an Ankle Holster
    by Michelle Cerino

    Quite often the outfit I’m wearing determines my method of concealed carry. Form-fitting shirts are not as conducive as a sweatshirt or sweater for carrying a gun anywhere near my waist. Waist carry is not an issue if I’m wearing a jacket or blazer. I never overlook the option of carrying off body, in a purse or another bag. However, there are times I don’t want to carry a purse and my clothing doesn’t let me conceal a gun on my waist. My husband does it all the time, so I decided to try an ankle holster from CrossBreed.

    CrossBreed’s ankle holsters are available for many pistols, including most popular revolvers. With a padded ankle section for comfort, they also have an adjustable velcro thumb break to ensure firearm security. The system also features a calf support strap to keep the holster from riding down. With an MSRP of $49.94, it’s a reasonable option.

    (Photo by Chris Cerino)

    Although ankle carry seems fairly straightforward, there are issues to consider. Knowing where to place your ankle holster seems like a no-brainer, but did you know ankle holsters almost always place the gun on the inside of your ankle? A right-handed person positions the gun on the inside of her left ankle, while a left-hander places the pistol on the inside of her right ankle. When an ankle holster comes with a calf support strap, adjust it to a height and tension that prevents the pistol from riding down your leg. The easiest way is to place the holster atop a high-top shoe or boot. Or slide it down inside a cowboy boot.

    Drawing a pistol from an ankle holster is not difficult, but it’s a specific skill and takes practice. The most common method is to take a knee and pull up your pant leg to expose the firearm. At the same time, my strong hand reaches down to the gun in the holster. Sounds simple enough, right? Take into account the many different scenarios that may be involved. As a studious concealed-carry holder, I visualize how to handle the various situations I might find myself in, and practice accordingly.

    Scenarios, situations and positions to practice:

    • In a restaurant, seated at a table. High-top or low table?
    • Standing in a room, in a group of people. Is there cover?
    • Seated on the ground at an outdoor event. Can I draw my pistol? Can I keep it covered?
    • Driving a car. Can I bend my leg to bring the holster to my hand?
    • What if I can’t bend over? Can I bring the gun to my hand?

    “If/then,” should really be thought of as “when/then”—especially when it comes to your safety. It’s important to consider various scenarios and then visualize how you would respond to each. As they say, “The body won’t go where the mind has never been.” When this…then that!

    When buying an ankle holster, there are several things to consider.

    • Do they make it for my particular firearm or is it a generic, one-size-fits-all holster?
    • Is there padding in the ankle section, and will it be comfortable?
    • Can I run with it, and does it have a retention feature?
    • Is there a calf support strap, and do I even need it?

    As with any choice for concealed carry, take time to practice. Use the pistol you carry, after checking and double-checking to make sure it is unloaded. Work on your draw from various positions in a slow and methodical way. Once you lay your movement groundwork, speed will come naturally.

    If you want to test yourself, use a timer to see how long it will take you to present your gun. The time you spend practicing will make a huge difference when circumstances demand action. After all, under stress, you will react as you have trained.

    Michelle Cerino is the managing editor at www.WomensOutdoorNews.com. She also is the author of the column "She Shoots 2," sponsored by Crossbreed Holsters. A mother of 2 teenage boys, Michelle has been right there beside them hunting youth deer seasons, plinking pop cans with .22s and being involved in Boy Scouts since 2004. Michelle is the president of Cerino Consulting and Training Group, LLC, a firearms training company she built with her husband Chris in 2011. Her path in the firearms and outdoors industries is ever progressing. She is writing, hunting, competing and doing contract work for major manufacturers. When not working, Michelle competes in prestigious shooting events, such as the Bianchi Cup in Missouri, and major 3-Gun matches nationwide.

  • Attorney General announces Second Quarter 2016 CHL statistics; 65% increase over prior year
    by Jim Irvine

    Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R) has released the Concealed Handgun License (CHL) statistics for the second quarter of 2016 and it was another record-setting quarter. There are now 550,000 valid Ohio CHL’s and Ohio honors an estimated 12,300,000 more.

    Stats at a glance:

    • For the first time, there are 550,000 active Ohio CHLs
    • 32,259 is the most initial CHLs ever issued in the second quarter
    • This is a 65% increase over the same period the prior year.
    • 47,360 total licensed issued is second only to 48,032 in Q2 of 2013
    • 11,276 renewals represents an approximate 74% rate, slightly above average
    • There are 5% more active CHLs than there were 3 months ago.
    • There are 19% more active CHLs than there were 1 year ago.
    • Sheriffs issued almost 20 CHLs per hour.
    • Sheriffs issued over 650 CHLs per week. (more than double historical average)
    • 1:16 odds an adult you see has a CHL.
    • Revocation rate is about 0.4%

    None of this is surprising to Ohio concealed carry instructors who have been swamped with demand for their classes. We were widely criticized for supporting a reduction in required training from 12 to 8 hours. The reason was simple; we wanted more people to get training. The numbers indicate that the new law is working as we intended.

    It is always difficult to assign specific reasons for behavior. Certainly multiple high-profile terrorist attacks internationally and at home have contributed in people’s interest in being prepared and able to take care of themselves and their families. Many people thought the terror would end following Ramadan, but it is clear that terror is something we will have to deal with.

    The two biggest reasons people with a CHL don’t carry their gun are Ohio’s burdensome laws on victim zones (places a CHL is prohibited from carrying guns) and threat of termination from their employer. HB 48, sponsored by Representative Ron Maag (R), and SB 180, sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker (R), would greatly improve these problem areas. Unfortunately the Ohio legislature has not seen fit to move either of these bills on to Governor Kasich.

    Demand continues to support a theory expressed by Professor Brian Anse Patrick that demand has not leveled off, but is increasing over time. Concealed carry used to be mostly hard core shooters, but it has become increasingly popular with soccer moms and others who just want to be safe in their everyday life. It is becoming mainstream.

    Sheriffs are up for election this year in Ohio. When you apply/renew your CHL take time to get to know your sheriff or his/her deputy. Did they do a good job for you? Do they support fixing our laws? Would you work on their campaign, or their opponents?

    We are now in our 12th year of concealed carry in Ohio. It is past time to fully “de-Taft” our CHL laws and adopts a best practice approach. While no large group of people is perfect, the CHL-holder has proven to be considerably more law-abiding than the population at large.

    This is an election year. We strongly encourage you to work on campaigns of legislators who have improved our laws. If your legislator is not living up to your expectations, this summer is a great time to let them know.

    Political strength comes through numbers. We ask all CHL’s to consider a membership to Buckeye Firearms Association or a donation to BFA-PAC.

    Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Association President, BFA PAC Chairman and recipient of the NRA-ILA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award," the CCRKBA's 2012 "Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award," and the SAF's 2015 "Defender of Freedom Award."

    Further Information:

    Ohio Attorney General - 2016 Q2 Concealed Carry Stats

    Ohio CHL-holders acting in self-defense


  • California's Gun Control Freaks
    by Jeff Knox

    Two years ago I wrote about an idiot politician publicly making a fool of himself at his own scripted press conference. The politician was California State Sen. Kevin de León, and his topic was “Ghost Guns.” The press conference was to publicize de León’s latest gun control bill, a proposal to require anyone making a gun in his or her garage to register it with the state Department of Justice and engrave a DOJ-supplied serial number on the gun. His primary justification for this proposal was that a mentally disturbed young man who had been denied purchase of a firearm had subsequently manufactured a firearm from purchased parts and fabricated components, and used that homemade gun to murder several people before committing suicide.

    As disturbing and compelling as that story might be, de León’s “solution” was absolutely laughable. Could he possibly believe that his law would have prevented this tragedy? Is it remotely conceivable that this disturbed young man, having been turned down for a firearm purchase at a dealer based on his mental history, would have then requested permission from the DOJ to construct a gun from parts in his bedroom?

    As idiotic as that idea is, de León’s manic performance at the press conference overshadowed any obvious flaws in his reasoning. Along with repeated mispronunciations and misapplication of words, de León consistently conflated “detectability” with “traceability” as he tried to demonize both homemade 3D-printed guns and homemade guns manufactured with more traditional machining methods. But the money shot came when de León explained the awesome firepower of one of his prop “Ghost Guns.” Holding up one of the guns, de León declared;

    “This is a ghost gun. This right here has the ability, with a .30 caliber clip, to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second.” He then reiterated, to drive home the point, “Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

    The reason I bring up this 2-year-old news conference now is that Sen. de León, this stellar example of a politician whose only apparent noteworthy skill is that of being elected, is now, along with being one of the most rabid – if poorly informed – proponents of radical gun control, the president pro tempore of the Senate, the highest ranking and most powerful role in the California Legislature.

    This is as irrational and inexplicable as the elevation of “Groping Joe” Biden to the office of vice president. At least Biden serves the security function of being a deterrent to anyone considering assassination of the president. Sen. de León doesn’t even have that going for him. What he does have is good looks and impeccable Spanish. He’s probably also really good at remembering names and asking for money, and he is an extreme radical on a variety of political topics. An avowed “liberal progressive” and Hillary Clinton supporter, de León is a champion of massive restrictions on carbon emissions, a tireless advocate for citizenship rights and benefits for immigrants illegally in the country, and a supporter of the environmental policies that mandated diverting millions of metric tons of water from reservoirs and farmers in favor of an ineffective effort to improve habitat for a subspecies of smelt, resulting in the current severe water shortage. He is also a vocal advocate of additional restrictions on tobacco smokers, additional rights for marijuana smokers and a strong proponent of raising the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. That the people of California and their elected representatives would, during a time of economic struggle and budget challenges, when the state is effectively beyond broke, select such a radical destroyer to lead their Senate is beyond comprehension.

    In May, de León helped to push through yet another round of gun control tightening in the state, on top of some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. Included in the package is a blanket ban on possession of any magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds. Unlike the current law, which forbids the sale of such magazines, this law criminalizes possession, requiring that all existing magazines of greater than 10-round capacity be sold, destroyed, or surrendered without compensation.

    Tell me again that confiscation is not the eventual objective of gun control.

    Another bill in the package passed by the Senate requires a background check and record-keeping for ammunition purchases. This is probably the most sinister in the group because it not only adds complication and expense to a protected constitutional right, but by retaining records of ammunition purchases it creates a de facto gun owner registration system. You can be sure that de León and his ilk would use this information to further harass gun owners.

    The rest of the package includes de León’s “Ghost Gun” registration bill, a bill banning so-called “bullet button” magazine systems – effectively outlawing numerous currently legal rifles – a bill that makes the victim of a firearm theft a criminal if they fail to report the theft in what some bureaucrat considers a timely manner, a bill that makes simply loaning a gun to a friend or even a family member in most cases, a criminal offense, a technical correction that moves theft of a firearm back up to felony status, and a bill creating a Firearm Violence Research Center at the University of California.

    The whole package is designed to compete with an even worse ballot initiative Lt. Gov. (and gubernatorial candidate) Gavin Newsom is championing. The gun control package is now in the hands of the State Assembly where even more gun control legislation is already pending.

    We should probably be grateful to California’s gun control zealots for proving that control freaks are never satisfied. No matter how many laws they pass, they will always come back for more. We in the rest of the country need to recognize the warning and understand that gun control is back on the front burner as a political issue. We must mobilize to shut this nonsense down.

    ©2016 The Firearms Coalition, all rights reserved. Reprinting, posting, and distributing permitted with inclusion of this copyright statement. www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

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