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  • Holster Selection for the New Shooter - How Do I Chose?
    by Dave Dolbee

    One of the primary reasons people begin shopping for a holster is because they’re planning to carry a firearm concealed. Some people also like to use a holster when they head to the range, and certainly handgun competitors in the action pistol sports like IPSC, IDPA, 3-Gun and Cowboy Action also need the right holster. The biggest difference between the two is that in the first case the holster is needed to keep a gun from view, while the latter are all about what’s called “open carry.” Across those two types are hundreds of variations in styles and materials. So how do you choose?

    The answer to that is carefully, but the first thing you should know before you plop down your hard-earned money for the first pretty piece of hip leather you see is that the reason there are so very many holster styles is because:

    1. Not all holsters work in all situations for which a holster might be needed.
    2. Not all holsters work for all body types.

    If you can keep those two things in mind—that holsters are kind of like shoes, where not one size fits all and where sneakers are good for running a few miles but not looked upon favorably in the board room—then you can actually have a lot of fun exploring the many ways to carry a handgun on your person. So let’s look at a few of the styles you’re most likely to come across and explore using as your first holster.

    Click here to read the entire article at NSSFblog.com.

  • Another mass shooting – FASTERSavesLives.org has solutions
    by Jim Irvine

    The latest mass killing at Umpqua Community College in Oregon has media and “experts” talking about what we should do about these events. Rather than talk about what we could do, or should do, or might do, let me tell you what we HAVE done.

    In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, Buckeye Firearms Foundation announced it would pay for a class of 24 educators to attend a three-day class conducted by John Benner at Tactical Defense Institute (TDI).

    While our organization was mocked for thinking teachers would sign up for gun training, more than 1,000 educators were pleading to be included in the training.

    In Newtown and other places, teachers and educators sacrificed their lives trying to save our kids. They stepped in front of a firing AR-15 attempting to shield children. Compare their bravery to the politicians who pass gun control in the dark of night because they know it is useless in preventing similar killings. If our educators are willing to die for our children, then we owe it them to give them the tools and skills to win these fights, stop the killer, treat the injured, hug our kids, and send them home to their parents.

    This should not be a debate about guns; it should be a discussion about safety. That is the mission of the FASTERSavesLives.prg program sponsored by Buckeye Firearms Foundation.

    Unable to instantly train all those who asked, we brought in internationally renowned expert Lt. Col. Dave Grossman to talk with them about the problem and solutions. He discussed mindset and what it takes to survive, and even thrive, in the toxic environment of killing. I remember a woman finding the discussion so emotionally difficult that she left the room crying. She took a few deep breaths, regained her composure, and went back in. “I owe it to my kids to learn these lessons.” Again, note the bravery of our educators.

    The outpouring of thanks at the end of the day was gratifying, but more so were the comments that they would use the knowledge to change policy at their schools. They were on a mission to make their schools safer, and years later they have made and continue to be involved in improvements in their districts.

    The first class was conducted in March of 2013. Though we trained in cold and snow, no one complained. The attitude educators brought to class was amazing. Teachers made great students. They listened, they learned, they practiced, and they executed. The pride they showed at completing their qualification shoot and successfully solving problems in force-on-force training was contagious. The financial support we received for what we were doing was overwhelming.

    We could not train 24 out of 1,000+ people and call it a job well done. Donations outpaced expenses, so we added two more classes, then several more. We added Chris Cerino of Cerino Training Group as an instructor giving us a northern Ohio training location.

    One of the most common comments at the end of a FASTER Saves Lives class is, “I’m a changed person, and I’m never going back to the way I was before.”

    In 2014, we conducted another seven FASTER Saves Lives classes. Schools that had sent people through class the prior year wanted more people trained, and more training for those already carrying. We called on all schools to have trauma kits, and we have worked with schools to get them gear and train their people in its use. Benner designed a Level 2 class - three additional days of training where the scenarios become far more complex, difficult, and stressful. All graduates of this class received complementary trauma kits valued at $75 each.

    This year (2015) we did more classes with Cerino and Benner. Our first class to fill up was the Level 2 class where students are required to have experience carrying guns in schools to be accepted. Instead of furnishing trauma kits only to Level 2 graduates, this year we gave them out at all classes. We have given away over $10,000 in trauma gear to our educators and helped other schools buy appropriate kits for their school and budget.

    We have presented at the Ohio School Board Association’s “Capital Conference” on the topic of active killers and will have a booth again at their show in November.

    We have met with school boards all over Ohio to help them understand active killer events and what they can do to prepare for, prevent, end, and recover from these events. We have seen the understanding and preparation of schools exceed our wildest dreams from a few years ago. And we have learned much from these relationships as we all work together for safer schools.

    We have trained many School Recourse Officers (SRO’s) who are police officers who work in the schools providing a critical layer of security. We have seen police who have had initial concerns about the program take the time to listen and learn, and then embrace what we offer. We have seen relationships grow and watched cross-training programs develop between school staff and law enforcement as both continue to come up with effective ways to deal with school violence.

    We have added in-school training, where trainers train the school staff in their own buildings. These classes include law enforcement and non-armed individuals, whom we train in Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) to prevent the injured from bleeding to death. The best way to work together on event day is to be training together on a regular basis.

    We have spent approximately $400,000 to make our schools safer, and we will continue to invest in our schools and educators. We have met with legislators in Ohio and other states to improve our laws and protect those who are protecting our children.

    We have trained college staff, because we believe the killing of our college kids is just as wrong as the killing of our grade school kids.

    We are committed to the safety of all our schools, and we are proud to have been involved in sharing of real solutions to violence in our society.

    As far as we know, the FASTERSavesLives program.org has trained more educators, invested more dollars, and offered more solutions than any program in the country. It is not because we are great; it is because our instructors Benner and Cerino are great. It is because the commitment the educators we have worked with are great. It is because people have supported us with their wallets and allowed us to fulfill the needs of our schools.

    As you listen to others talk about what we SHOULD do, we are proud to talk about what we HAVE done.

    We have graduated over 350 people from more than 100 districts, with over two dozen districts sending people through our Level 2 training. We have partnered with experts and school staff to keep our children safe. None of the bad things that detractors said “could happen” have occurred. One of our schools was the target of an active killer, but we saw the greatest success - the killing that didn’t happen. Another school’s relationship with law enforcement led to quickly solving a murder that reached across state lines.

    The program is excellent. It works. We have real success stories and not one school that has authorized has terminated its program. The recent killings prove that our country has a long way to go, and we are ready to lead the way.

    Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Foundation President, BFA PAC Chairman and recipient of the NRA-ILA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award" the CCRKBA's 2012 "Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award," and the SAF's 2015 "Defender of Freedom Award."

  • Buckeye Firearms Foundation's Jim Irvine addresses 2015 GRPC on FASTER program

    Buckeye Firearms Foundation President Jim Irvine was invited to the 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference to speak about FASTER Saves Lives, the groundbreaking, nonprofit program that gives educators practical violence response training. 

    Irvine remarks begin at 53m 51s on the counter in the embedded video below, or click here to begin the video at his remarks in a new window.

  • Why I believe gun rights advocates SHOULD comment after mass shootings
    by Chad D. Baus

    "Somehow this has become routine. The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up being routine, the conversation in the aftermath of it ... We have become numb to this." - President Barack Obama, October 1, 2015

    President Obama is right: the response to mass shootings in "gun-free" zones has indeed become routine.

    Gun ban extremists (including the president himself) don't even wait until the blood has been cleaned up to begin their fundraising efforts, and their calls for more gun control laws - proposals that, when examined, and had they been in place prior to the attack, would have changed nothing.

    Politicians line up to express their condolences. Some provide their talking points in favor of "common sense" gun control, but most ignore the mental health elephant in the room.

    Meanwhile, many gun rights advocates defer comment out of respect for the injured and deceased, who are victims of naive and cruel anti-gun political policy, and wait for ALL the facts to be known - something that our sensation-seeking media cannot seem to fathom despite endless examples of vastly inaccurate reporting.

    Unfortunately, this results in media pundits and self-serving politicians vilifying gun owners. That's why I believe gun owners should comment after a mass shooting, as facts become known, even if ALL the facts aren't yet known.

    What are the types of things we can say immediately?

    For one, can say that peaceable gun owners are saddened by the tragedy. None of us ever wants to see a single person hurt or killed because a disturbed individual has decided to share his pain with the world, seeking notoriety by murdering innocent people.

    We can also say that peaceable gun owners feel anger. Anger that schools and churches remain such soft targets. Anger that most educational institutions refuse any form of gun safety classes. Anger that anti-gun zealots like President Obama blame the gun "industry" for mass shootings instead of the mentally ill people who commit them. Anger that so many local governments impose "gun free" zones on their citizens even when it's painfully obvious that such restrictions have done nothing but enable killers to commit mass murder against helpless victims.

    But most of all, I and other peaceable gun owners are angry every time we hear our elected officials call for more and more restrictive gun control laws when existing laws are not being enforced. We know new laws won't be enforced any more than existing laws, so what elected officials are really saying is they are more interested in grandstanding than actually reducing crime.

    While I tend to agree with the president that this is all becoming too routine, one particular change is beginning to formulate.

    Douglas County, OR Sheriff John Hanlin has urged the media not to name the killer who carried out the attack on the no-guns zone. Early reports indicated the murderous coward had paid attention to past massacres, and was attracted to the notoriety the media have given to those with the highest body counts. Sheriff Hanlin's request sparked a debate between CNN's Don Lemon (who initially said the news network would ignore the sheriff's request), and Fox News' Megyn Kelly, who tweeted her support for the sheriff, and urged Lemon to reconsider. And on Friday, DPA International reports during a segment with Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, a CNN anchor said the network would not name the murderous coward at UCC, but instead used the words "gunman," "shooter," "this man" or "this person" to describe him.

    I'd like to propose that it's time for another "routine" policy to be upended: the policy of "going dark" - of refusing to provide comment - in the immediate aftermath of a multiple-victim public shooting.

    Some facts are ALREADY known, and we SHOULD respond to those:
    - The murderous coward purchased his guns through federally licensed dealers, though whom background checks were performed.

    The immediate response to this knowledge should be to note that a so-called "universal" background check law would not have prevented this massacre, just as it would not have prevented so many others.

    That way, when politicians like Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown (D) go on television and say things like "It’s past time we took action to address this problem and we should start by taking reasonable steps - like enhanced background checks- to prevent these tragedies from occurring,” the natural follow-up question from the journalist conducting the interview would be, "but as gun rights advocates are pointing out, the killer did submit to background checks. Senator, why are you saying that background checks would 'prevent the tragedies from occurring' when this killer went through mutiple background checks?"

    - The murderous coward took six firearms to carry out his attack.

    The immediate response to this knowledge should be to note that so-called "common sense" laws prohibiting magazines with a standard capacity of greater than 7 or 10 rounds do nothing to stop determined killers - they just bring more guns (which, again, they obtain legally with full background checks!) One-gun-a-month laws also won't help, it should be added, as proven by the killer at Virginia Tech, who simply waited the 30 days required at the time by Virginia law, and purchased a second handgun.

    - The massacre was carried out by the murderous coward on a campus that has a "no-guns" policy.

    There has been some confusion over this point, given a 2011 court ruling that said that Oregon public colleges and universities no longer have authority to ban weapons on the physical grounds of a campus, and reports of at least one veteran who said he was carrying on campus Thursday (unfortunately he was too far away from the attack to be able to respond). But who better to make themselves available to clarify the law for confused journalists than knowledgable gun rights advocates?

    The fact is that "Umpqua Community College has been established as a gun-free zone thanks to a loophole in state law that allows private colleges and universities like UCC to prohibit weapons throughout the entire campus including grounds.  All campuses in Oregon have discretion as to whether to permit concealed handguns inside buildings, dormitories, event centers, and classrooms, and UCC exercised that discretion to ban guns.

    - Mental health issues and policies play a primary role in these attacks.

    With all the talk about mass shootings and mental health over the past few days, someone on a national stage needs to be telling the story about the NRA's efforts to keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them. Wouldn't it have been a helpful part of the national discourse these past few days if the country had been made aware that, in August, Sen. Jon Coryn introduced an NRA-backed bill aimed at preventing the mentally ill from obtaining firearms?

    As noted by Politico.com at the time of its introduction, the new legislation tries to patch some holes in the current national background checks system by encouraging states, through the promise of federal funding, to send more information on mental-health records to the national database. Cornyn’s bill would also create a path for people who may be mentally ill to be ordered into treatment by a judge without being involuntarily committed. And to make things even better, the measure doesn’t increase existing federal funding for the current background checks database or mental health programs.

    With a president so obviously emotionally-tied to enacting new gun control laws, and with a 24-hour news media so one-sidedly opposed to the right to bear arms, I personally believe the gun rights advocates can no longer afford to surrender the first week of airtime to the opposition. Because as the president notes, people are becoming numb, and by the time all the facts are known and we do speak, the news media will be on to the next story, and the response will be treated as an afterthought, instead of being a centerpiece of the dialogue that happens in the immediate aftermath of such an attack.

    Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary, BFA PAC Vice Chairman, and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. He is the editor of BuckeyeFirearms.org, which received the Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2013 Supporting Member Award for Best Website.

  • 2015 Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix – one of the best
    by Jim Irvine

    As I sit on my flight from Phoenix (PHX) to Cleveland (CLE) on my way home from the Second Amendment Foundation’s (SAF) Gun Rights Policy Conference (GRPC) my head is swirling with ideas from the weekend. This is my normal state of mind returning from this conference, as it’s always entertaining and educational - but this year was exceptional.

    The NRA has seen record attendance at its annual meetings, and we’ve had record gun sales, and a record number of American’s have concealed carry licenses. Clearly gun owners are growing both in sheer numbers, and personal involvement. But I was still shocked to see the large room full with new arrivals standing in the back with no seats to be found.

    There seemed to be a higher level of excitement in the air this year. There are many of us who attend this conference every year, and it’s always nice to see old friends and catch up on the various projects we have all been working on and exchange ideas. Phoenix in particular, and Arizona in general, are both very friendly to gun owners. Their laws impose minimal restrictions or infringements on gun owners. Phoenix is not some small town in the middle of the desert, it’s the 6th largest city in the United States and a cosmopolitan oasis. There is no wonder so many people are moving there. With such a strong gun-owning community, the room was packed with many proud gun owners attending their first GRPC.

    This year’s panel of speakers included many new people who had never spoken at a GRPC before. This helped give the event a fresh feel and provided those of us who attend every year with new contacts and ideas. The speakers that we hear from regularly did a great job updating us on projects they have worked on during the past year.

    The tone of the meeting was two-fold. Gun owners had another great year legislatively at the state level. Restrictions on concealed carry continue to be repealed in state after state, and victories continue to rack up in court cases across the country. Politicians and bureaucrats who continue their bigoted attack on peaceable gun owners are paying our legal bills. (Note I did not say “law-abiding.” gun-owners - more on that later.) The facts and data and statistics are all on our side and polls continue to show the public perception is clearly in support of gun ownership and growing stronger. Even President Obama and the most anti-freedom administration in our nation’s history have failed to advance their gun-control agenda.

    Still, dark clouds loom on the horizon. In his last year in office, with no progress on a cornerstone of his plan to “fundamentally transform” our country, expect Obama and federal agencies under his control to move into desperation mode. An administration so callus to life that they instituted “Fast and Furious” is likely to try even more dangerous schemes to manufacture phony reasons to enact draconian laws aimed at gutting our individual rights.

    The GOP in control of the U.S. House and Senate have failed to move needed firearm reforms that are supported by a strong majority of Americans.

    Michael Bloomberg and his puppet agencies Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action for Sensible Gun Laws remain a threat. Add in the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and foreign countries working with the United Nations and it’s easy to see how the average gun owner can feel like they are in a David versus Goliath battle, with Goliath funded by billionaires like Bloomberg and George Soros. If left to battle alone, there is no chance for the individual to win this fight.

    What the gun community lacks in funding, we make up for in grassroots activism. Bloomberg gets 100 people to an event because he lies and misleads (and sometimes pays) people to push a false claim about gun owners being a danger to society. Grassroots groups get 100 people (and more) to rallies because we know the facts, we are sick of being maligned in the media, and we ban together to give a face and a voice to the people and stories that exemplify why the Second Amendment is so important, and how it is ingrained into the fabric of our nation.

    There were many lawyers who presented on a multitude of legal issues. Federal, state and local lawsuits aimed at overturning illegal restrictions on our rights. And personal stories of individuals harmed by prosecution for peaceable actions. These cases are expensive and many have been ongoing for 4-5 years. Support of organizations that fund them is critical for continued success.

    “Law-abiding” is a label most gun owners proudly wear, but with laws such as New York’s Gun Safe Act and Connecticut’s gun registration requirement, many gun owners are exchanging that label for “conscientious objector.” They are refusing to follow these new laws, and the states are unable to do anything about it. They are peaceable, but may not comply with unjust gun laws that discriminate against good people. Like Dr. Martin Luther King and his followers, they are refusing to obey unjust laws, bringing attention to the bigoted haters who look to control large segments of the population because they fear them or don’t understand them.

    Contrast that with Rashad Gray, leader of the Ohio Chapter of National African-American Gun Association, who is working with Joe Tartaro and the SAF on an urban initiative to work with and educate those in urban areas. Education is the key for our side this looks to be an exciting project with as much potential as any idea I’ve heard in recent years.

    Dr. John Lott gave a great talk titled “Facts vs. False Claims” where he explained the bogus studies we see promoted in the media. He warned that there will be a wave of such “studies” (financed by Bloomberg) next year in the run-up to the 2016 presidential elections. It is imperative that gun owners are educated and debunk the nonsense and speak to the truth. Lott and others make this job easy for those who visit the Crime Prevention Research Center web site.

    This year’s entire conference was broadcast on YouTube and is podcast at The Polite Society Podcast. Rob Morse does a great job and I encourage you to check out his podcasts at www.politicsandguns.com.

    Mark Walters of Armed American Radio did a great job as Master of Ceremonies for the awards lunch, and assured me he will be talking about the conference and going into longer segments with many of the weekend’s speakers on upcoming “Armed American Radio” show, filling your daily prescription for freedom. Mark’s show is broadcast on over 200 stations nationwide at www.armedamericanradio.org.

    Plan to attend next year’s GRPC in Tampa, Florida on Sept 23, 24 and 25, 2016. It’s a fun and educational weekend to network with gun owners and leaders in our movement. It’s free and you will go home with a mind full of knowledge and ideas and bag full of books and other goodies. Learn more at www.saf.org.

    Special thanks to Allen Gottlieb, Julianne Versnel and the entire Second Amendment Foundation team for a great event.

    Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Association President, BFA PAC Chairman and recipient of the NRA-ILA's 2011 "Jay M. Littlefield Volunteer of the Year Award" the CCRKBA's 2012 "Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award," and the SAF's 2015 "Defender of Freedom Award."

  • Pro-gun rights bills scheduled for proponent testimony in Senate committee
    by Chad D. Baus

    Chairman Kevin Bacon has announced that the Senate Civil Justice Committee will be hearing proponent testimony on Senate Bill 180 (Protect Workers' Constitutional Rights) and Senate Bill 199 (Active Duty Armed Forces Concealed Carry/ Handgun Transfer) on Wednesday, October 7 at 2:30 p.m. in the Senate Finance Hearing Room.

    Any persons who are interested in testifying are welcome to contact Jim Irvine (jirvine@BuckeyeFirearms.org) for help in preparing and coordinating your testimony.

    SB 180, sponsored by Senator Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township), seeks to prohibit employers from discriminating against workers exercising constitutional rights.

    Ohio is an “at will” employment state, meaning that workers can be fired for any reason, or no reason. There are many protected classes or exemptions to the general rule. A person may not be fired because of race, color, religion, sex or many other factors deemed inappropriate to discriminate against. SB 180 adds exercise of a “constitutional or statutory right” to the list.

    Everyone agrees that private property rights are important. They are better respected under Uecker’s bill than in current law. The employer’s property rights are supreme inside the employers building. The employee’s property rights should be supreme inside the employee’s private vehicle.

    It is puzzling how anyone who claims to respect private property rights would not support this bill. To them, Jim Irvine, President of Buckeye Firearms Association poses the question, “Under what conditions does an employer have a right to dictate what private property is inside a private vehicle when they are not on company time, not in a company vehicle, and not on company property? Yet that is the only possible result 'no guns' policies can have as employees are forced to travel to and from work unarmed.”

    Over 20 states have already adopted similar laws, which have been upheld in multiple court challenges.

    SB 199, sponsored by Senators Joe Uecker (R-Miami Township) and Randy Gardner (R-Bowling Green), seeks to specify that an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces: (1) does not need a concealed handgun license to carry a handgun concealed if the member is carrying valid military identification and a certificate indicating successful small arms qualification; and (2) may be sold or furnished a handgun if the member has received military or equivalent small arms training.

    SB199 was introduced in the wake of the terrorist attack on two military recruiting facilities in Chattanooga, TN last July.

    Disarming our military members has had the most severe unintended consequences. It is unconscionable that the very men and women who carry arms to protect our nation in foreign lands are denied the basic right of self defense on American soil.

    Our service members and combat-tested veterans are trusted around the world to bring piece to war torn areas. They must be trusted with firearms here too, so that others cannot wage war on them on their bases, recruiting centers or anywhere else.

    There are changes that need to be made to the SB 199 in committee. For example, as introduced, the proposed bill would still restrict these active-duty service men and women from carrying the exact place they are most likely to be attacked - at work in a government building. Buckeye Firearms Association will be working with the committee to ensure that the necessary changes are made.

    Again, any persons who are interested in testifying are welcome to contact Jim Irvine (jirvine@BuckeyeFirearms.org) for help in preparing and coordinating your testimony.

    Buckeye Firearms Association maintains a vigilant watch on gun legislation in Ohio. As legislation is introduced in the Ohio House or Senate, we will evaluate it and post information here.

    Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary, BFA PAC Vice Chairman, and an NRA-certified firearms instructor. He is the editor of BuckeyeFirearms.org, which received the Outdoor Writers of Ohio 2013 Supporting Member Award for Best Website.

  • Rep. Sam Johnson introduces bill to protect Social Security recipients from the Obama gun grab

    [Recently], Congressman Sam Johnson (R-Tex.) introduced H.R. 3516, the “Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act.” The purpose of the bill is to protect recipients of Social Security from being forced to choose between benefits to which they are legally entitled and their Second Amendment rights.

    Since July, we’ve been reporting on the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) plan to use “representative payee” assignments as a basis for reporting SSA beneficiaries to NICS as prohibited “mental defectives.” A representative payee is simply a person who is appointed by the SSA to receive the disbursement of benefits on behalf of the beneficiary. 

    According to a former SSA attorney we interviewed about the process, beneficiaries themselves usually initiate the representative payee process as a matter of convenience. With many beneficiaries living in remote areas or having conditions that limit their mobility, they often need help with chores like banking and shopping. The attorney indicated that the assignment of a representative payee is almost always a cooperative process that involves no third-party adjudicator and has no necessary connection to a person’s propensity for dangerous or violent behavior. Yet according to the LA Times reporter who originally broke the story, millions of SSA beneficiaries could potentially be affected, which would make this the biggest gun grab in American history.

    Adding to concerns about SSA’s recent move is the Veteran’s Administration’s (VA) current practice of reporting to NICS as “mental defectives” all beneficiaries assigned a “fiduciary” to receive benefits on their behalf. Like the SSA process, this does not typically involve any sort of adjudication, nor does it require the agency to find the beneficiary poses a danger to self or others. Nearly 180,000 VA beneficiaries are affected by this designation, which presumptively bans them from exercising their Second Amendment rights for the rest of their lives. 

    Rep. Johnson’s bill would conclusively resolve these concerns for Social Security beneficiaries by specifying, “No determination by the Commissioner of Social Security with respect to an individual, including a determination that benefits under this title to which such individual is entitled shall be paid to a representative payee, shall be considered to be a determination that the individual has been adjudicated as a mental defective for purposes of [the mental health provisions of the Gun Control Act of 1968].” 

    Not only would this protect beneficiaries with representative payees, it would ensure that SSA could not report its beneficiaries to NICS as prohibited “mental defectives” under any pretext. It short, it would give them peace of mind that one of America’s largest and most important entitlement programs could not be used as a pretext to abolish one of its most cherished and important constitutional rights.

    Besides the NRA, the bill has also been given a positive review by the National Council on Disability (NCD), an independent federal agency making recommendations to the President and Congress to enhance the quality of life for all Americans with disabilities and their families. According to the NCD, “linking the need for a representative payee with a presumption of incapacity to exercise any right sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the goals of the [Americans With Disabilities Act]: equality of opportunity, full participation, independent living, and economic self-sufficiency.” NCD also noted it has been warning the Obama Administration since 2013 that “needing a representative payee to assist with receiving and managing Social Security benefits should not be grounds for an inference that the individual is incapable of exercising his or her rights.” Even more specifically, “NCD cautioned against linking this status to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).”

    The NRA thanks Rep. Johnson for his leadership in this vital effort and urges all of its members to contact their congressional representatives and strongly urge them to support the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act. You can do so through the Write Your Lawmakers feature or by calling the Congressional Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

    © 2015 National Rifle Association of America, Institute for Legislative Action. This may be reproduced. This may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

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